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Get paid to shop


We Need Mystery Shoppers: Get Money To Do Shopping!


250 positions available!


Who wouldn’t like to get paid to shop? It’s great fun! OK, maybe it’s not going to get you into the rich list overnight, but who wouldn’t want to have extra money for going shopping?mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers (or secret shoppers as they are also called) are paid to go into businesses like stores, try on clothes, have a haircut, have a manicure, visit hotels and restaurants and then report on their experience. And they get paid for it! Good mystery shoppers can make a very nice income for very little work. Only a few secret shoppers make a full-time job out of it. In conclusion you’re doing things you like and that you are probably going to be doing anyway, so why don’t you get paid for it?

Plus you get refunded for the things you’ve bought AND get paid for your time.

Here is everything you need to know to apply to mystery shopper position in our company:



Mystery shoppers are given specific instructions by the company they represent to order a specific menu item or purchase a specific product. Then they are instructed to watch for specific details that are part of the customer experience. After completing the transaction, they complete a report (an online form) that is designed to help the company improve its customer service. Payment methods vary, but usually shoppers are paid by check, Paypal or wire transfer.

Things you need to know:
It’s totally Free!
You choose when you want to work
No obligation!



Very simple!

1. Enter your Email
2. Click the “Begin shopping” button to be redirected to your application form
3. Fill out your application form (it’s about 4 fields and it will only take 30 seconds)
4. Verify your email and sart following the istructions in your member area to start shopping!

That’s it!


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(Among our partners we have some of the largest U.S companies so we expect all the applicants to take this task seriously. If you’re not planning on doing this seriouly please do not apply).

See testimonials of 2 of our happy shoppers:

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